| Serena Confalonieri | Scott collection
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About This Project


Jacquard textiles
 Serena Confalonieri designs Scott collection for L’Opificio, working on the legacy and richness of the production of this historic textile company from Turin.
In this case, the inspiration comes from the need for an alternative to the classic Scottish tartan motif: a design widely used in both fashion and furniture that is reinterpreted here in a contemporary key.
For Scott collection, the designer replaces the rigid straight lines of the traditional tartan with soft wavy lines, which, intersecting, create a delicate and elegant geometric pattern.
The color palette deliberately incorporates the classic tones of tartan (red, blue, ocher, brown, black): in addition to these colors, the collection also incorporates shades closer to the world of interior design, such as beige, gray, blue , pink and terracotta.
The result is a vibrant collection capable of finding space in both traditional and more contemporary interiors.