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About This Project

Nereo / Leonardo Horse Project

Sculpture customization for the celebration of Leonardo da Vinci
Ippodromo Snai S.Siro
The characteristic that struck me immediately with respect to this sculpture is the pride in the expression and position of this horse. I focused in my mind the fact that it could be a wild horse not yet tamed. For this reason the next step was to imagine him as a proud warrior, a tribal chieftain, dressed for war and for a carnival, with aggressive but,at the same time, bright and festive clothes, both male and female, determined and gentle. After creating a sketch, the bulk of the work took place directly on the sculpture, working as if it were a sartorial garment, using raffia as the main material and refining the details with natural ropes, using curves and drapes stolen from the world of fashion.
ph. Guido Morozzi