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About This Project


Wall amulets
Serena Confalonieri designs three amulets that talk about love through the use of black magic symbolism. A long-standing tradition in Creole cultures, black magic spells are commonly used to banish love rivals and weaken an unbreakable love bond with someone.
These objects are built on sharp geometries aimed at revisiting voodoo dolls and ritual effigies from an abstract perspective.
Both materials and techniques (glass fusion and metallic elements) embodies the different levels of strength of love ties.
On one hand, the steel chains look fragile and dangerously vulnerable, although the material itself is very resistant.
On the other hand, the overlapping of coloured glass sheets generates a solid tactile connection, although the material itself is very delicate. Eventually, Mojo shows us the shimmering effects and unexpected firmness resulting from the union of two greatly different elements.
ph. Francesca Iovene