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About This Project

Masai @Maliparmi Boutique

Art direction, graphic and exhibition design

During Milano Design Week 2017, Serena Confalonieri presented her Masai collection at Maliparmi Boutique, via Solferino 6, Brera Design District.
The “Masai” collection is a project with a strong graphic character, reflected in the volumes of the ceramic vases and on the surface of the Milan-based designer’s mirrors, and subsequently in Alberto Fiocco’s illustrations.
A rhythm of colours and texture, the graphic fascination of a Maasai woman’s face, and an outlined portrait of geometric sequences, a reference to the tribal world that has always inspired the designer: this mood is clearly represented also in her project for the whole exhibition.
“The encounter of two transversal, yet close worlds, exploring and discovering similar paths in Serena Confalonieri and in her Masai collection, even in its language, has led to the desire of working at a joint project: Maali mirror”, says Annalisa Paresi (Maliparmi CEO).I have been fascinated by the way she has been able to interpret tribal signs and shapes, stripping them of their ethnicity and evolving them with a contemporary take. “
Colour and symbols are the tribal people’s distinguishing features; particularly in the Maasai’s warrior society as they epitomise the DNA of their very clans. Working on these archetype shapes, the Maasai series was created: a reinterpretation of this tribe’s decorations, jewels, art and body changes through clean lines and the use of materials from the fashion world.
illustration Alberto Fiocco
video Tadà