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About This Project

Kyma Collection

Trays, candelabra and table mat
In Greek, ‘Kyma’ means wave, but it is also the name of a basic architectural element with its origin in ancient Greece, one that become well known in the great works of the following eras. This smooth, curvilinear or moulded band, used to separate or smooth the passage between two surfaces on an item, is the birth, development and life of Kyma: an original collection of furnishing designed by Serena Confalonieri for Sambonet.
The Italian designer tried her hand at studying shapes in order to conjoin the solidity of plane geometry with the lightness of a smooth decorative mark. In Kyma, a sine wave – represented by a stainless steel tube – runs along the outside of the objects, gently tracing their profiles. The broad waves give continuity and movement to the clear lines of the inner geometry in this series of accessories based on hexagonal, octagonal, square and rectangular shapes.
For this project, Sambonet chose next-generation finishes in copper, gold and Hi-Tech shades, the product of technological research developed in the application of PVD to steel and electropolishing and silvering techniques for steel as well. The methods are taken from other fields, skilfully formed to bring pleasing tints to the table and other rooms in the house.
The same movement that characterises the design in this series is taken up again in the curves of the candelabra and is projected on the whole surface of the table mat: a disk of steel moved by vibrations that produce waves on the surface until it attains a dynamic volume with great emotional impact.
From design to production, the project found its raison d’être entirely in Italy, taking advantage of artisan know-how and perfectly uniting it with next-generation techniques developed and implemented through the company’s expertise.
With this collection, Sambonet again emphasises its vision for living as a space that gives expression to artistic and qualitative values, drawing from these fine objects the beauty and personality to transfer to our everyday lives.
art direction: Paola Longoni
photo: Gionata Xerra
styling: Alessandra Salaris