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About This Project

Senza Maschere

Table lamp
for Campari Soda
Starting from the distinctive features of Campari Soda’s communication, I have identified some points that historically have characterized the imagery linked to the brand: such as the importance and evidence of lettering, the use of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic illustrations,the transposition of the illustrative material into three-dimensional shapes / objects, works of art with a strong iconic value.
To these points I have added a further reflection on all that contemporary art and design that is expressed in a pop key and able to present itself in an understandable way to a wide audience
I designed a table lamp with a funny anthropomorphic shape: the letters of SODA and the bottle itself are parts of a funny stylized face whose head is the lighting element.
Its name “Senza Maschere” (Without masks) comes from this lamp and Campari Soda’s common characteristics: being spontaneous and sincere.