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About This Project


Handblown drinking set
The idea of ​​the Calypso collection was born during the lock-down: for all the people who weren’t directly touched by the virus, the months of forced closure were indeed a moment of deep reflection, but also a stressful situation, to which, in many cases, we vented through drinking and eating.
This compulsiveness stole the joy of these gestures, usually linked to sociability, that’s why I had the idea of ​​working on objects that could bring joy and lightness back to these moments.
I therefore imagined a collection that could give the idea of ​​drinking from colorful and exotic flowers, as if, instead of confined to our homes, we were on a beautiful desert island and were enjoying the sweetness of its lush nature.
To this idea I then added a research into the art nouveau visual imaginary, in which the floral element is combined with an enchanting lightness and femininity, underlined by touches of color that fade leaving room for transparency.
Calypso is a hand-blown borosilicate glass collection, made in Italy.
It consists of:
– champagne cups (amber + shaded pink)
– martini glasses (green + shaded blue)
– water / wine glasses (green + shaded pink and blue + shaded amber)
– flute glasses (blue + shaded pink and amber+ shaded grey)
– bottles with cap / glass (pink + shaded green and amber+ shaded blue)
ph. Andrea Agrati